The Scope of Our Practice

Dr. Dubick specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal and ligamentous injuries and dysfunctions. Skeletal and joint pain problems that do not involve injured nerves may often be helped with Dr. Dubick’s treatments. Following a physical examination, conservative treatment including Chiropractic or Physical Therapy may be recommended for a short period of time.  If ligamentous and/or tendon weakness or dysfunction are felt to be the problem, a diagnostic injection with a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medicine may be recommended.  If good, but temporary results are obtained with this injection, localized injections with medication designed to strengthened these weakened ligaments and tendons may be recommended. These injections are called ‘Prolotherapy’ and ‘HGH/Testosterone’ injections.For the sake of brevity, these procedures may be refered to as Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) throughout this site.

Localized  injections with a glucose based solution are called “Prolotherapy’ and information about this treatment is found under the Prolotherapy heading below.
Dr. Dubick performed a large study on the Prolotherapy injections in the late 1990’s and achieved excellent results which can be found under the Prolotherapy section.

 The other treatment performed by Dr. Dubick includes the localized injections of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone to strengthen weakened ligaments and tendons. Over the past 8 years he has found the hormone injections to provide faster healing, with less discomfort, and fewer number of procedures needed than with the Prolotherapy injections. More information regarding the HGH/testosterone injections can be found on their heading below.. Results of a study conducted from 2009-2013 with the HGH/testosterone injections can be found in the HGH/Testosterone articles and presentations  section.  An article published in the Journal of Pain Research describing the low back procedures from that study can also be found in this section.

Also the primary areas of the body treated with both the Prolotherapy and HGH/testosterone injections can be found in the navigation bar to the right.