Neck Pain

Regenerative Injections of the ligaments/tendons in the neck are often very beneficial for those suffering from longstanding neck pain and headache pain. Unless the neck pain is caused by a nerve injury, Regenerative Injections can often significantly improve the situation, even if moderate to severe degenerative disease is present. The treatment is performed in conjunction with joint mobilization and exercise therapy that is received from a physical therapist or chiropractor. Other pain generators in the neck include small muscles that are attached to the cervical spinous processes. Headaches caused by problems in the neck usually originate in the upper or lower cervical area adjacent to the thoracic spine. Degenerative disease (arthritis) of the cervical spine, automobile accidents that result in whiplash injuries, athletic injuries, falling, twisting, and bending injuries are the primary causes of chronic structural neck pain that can be successfully treated with Regenerative Injections.

Low Back Pain

Many individuals suffering from chronic low back pain can benefit from Regenerative Injection Therapy. If the pain is not caused by nerve damage it can very often be helped with a combination of injection therapy, physical therapy/chiropractic treatment. Most common areas in the low back that cause this type of pain are the lumbar facets, the sacroiliac joints and the associated ligaments. Very centralized low back pain may seem like pain coming from the discs, but it may be originating in ligaments that are in the midline of the back or from the lumbar facets. Common causes of chronic low back pain are unresolved injuries from sporting activities, motor vehicle accidents; falling, twisting, bending injuries, age related wear and tear (arthritis), and stress placed on the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint region from fusion surgeries.

Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain is an area that is effectively treated by Regenerative Injection Therapy if it is performed in conjunction with joint mobilization and exercise/postural therapy. Structural injuries to the mid back take quite a while to recover, possibly because of the stress placed on the mid back by poor posture. Joint mobilization to maintain correct anatomic alignment during treatment, and exercise therapy to strengthen the back musculature and postural mechanics are performed during treatment in order to receive the maximum benefit from the Regenerative Injection treatment. The usual treatment requires 4-6 injections spaced three weeks apart.

Hip Pain

Many individuals who have severe chronic pain in their hip joint area are suffering from severe arthritis/degenerative disease. For that condition, hip replacement surgery is just about the only reasonable treatment. However, those individuals who have minimal degenerative disease on imaging studies, but severe hip pain, may have weakness of their hip capsule. In this condition, the hip will not dislocate (come out of the joint), but causes pain with each step. Associated with this condition is weakness of the sacroiliac joint on the same side. Hip capsule weakness is usually found on physical examination. Regenerative Injections can strengthen this weakness and stabilize the hip, allowing increased functional activities, and ultimately decreasing the pain. Treatment involves injecting the hip capsule 3-5 times.