Knee Pain

Certain types of knee pain are successfully treated with Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT), while others are better treated with physical therapy or surgery. Pain and decreased function caused by weakened, loose ligaments, including the medial and lateral collateral ligament, and the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are successfully treated with RIT injections. In addition, tendons that are painful due to microscopic degeneration at their connection to the bone are also effectively treated. Individuals with severe degenerative disease (arthritis) of the knee who have lost all or most of the meniscus (cushion) are best treated surgically. Those suffering from a torn meniscus, especially one that prevents full movement, should seek a surgical opinion. Those with complete tears of ligaments or tears in the mid portion of the ligament are not RIT candidates.

Foot/Ankle Pain

Foot pain is a very common problem and caused by many factors. Patients diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis may often have a primary problem related to weakness of some of the major supporting ligaments of the foot. If conservative physical therapy or custom shoe insoles do not solve the problem, Regenerative Injections may help. Other conditions of the foot that can be treated with Regenerative Injections include chronic sprains that have resulted in weakness of the ligaments of the foot. Athletic injuries, running injuries, skateboarding, poor shoe arch support often lead to these injuries. Length of treatment depends on the area affected and the severity of the injury. Joint mobilization of the foot is performed along with the injection therapy and is a necessary part of the treatment.