Introducing Exciting New Treatment For Chronic Pain

Localized Injections of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone to Strengthen Weakened and Damaged Ligament and Tendon Attachments

Dr. Dubick has been performing localized injections of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone to strengthen degenerated, weakened and damaged ligament and tendon attachments since 2008. The results with the HGH and Testosterone injections have been very rewarding. Dr. Dubick has noted repair and strengthening of the injured tissue, a decrease in pain and return to normal functioning with fewer injections, less pain and less time than with the glucose based Prolotherapy injections. The most common areas treated are the low back, mid back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, hip, knee and ankle/foot.

Many individuals with severe chronic pain are suffering from a structural pain component that is caused by an injury or degeneration of the ligament/tendon/capsular attachments. As ligaments and capsules connect every joint in the body and tendons attach every muscle to bone, any area of the body can be affected. Originating factors include rapid deceleration injuries, twisting and bending injuries, sports injuries, chronic degeneration, and increased stress on ligaments following fusion surgeries. Steroid injections and pain medications are the most common treatment for many of these problems. Steroids provide only temporary relief from chronic pain, and medications only mask the pain. Prolotherapy is a definitive treatment used to treat these structural dysfunctions. It is a very effective treatment, but is painful and is wholly dependent on the patient’s own healing mechanisms. The HGH/testosterone injections are much less painful than Prolotherapy and supply two anabolic hormones that are essential for protein synthesis and collagen formation. Numerous studies have shown the benefit of growth hormone treatment and several other studies have shown the independent and synergistic effect of testosterone on protein synthesis.

The treatment protocol begins with a history and physical examination performed in Dr. Dubick’s office in the St. Francis Hospital complex in West Ashley. If a diagnosis amenable to the proposed treatment is established, then a local anesthetic injection is performed under fluoroscopic guidance. If the pain is temporarily resolved with this injection, a treatment plan is established that includes the HGH/testosterone/local anesthetic injections, dietary and supplement recommendations, and joint mobilization by chiropractic or physical therapy, if indicated. Three to five sets of injections are performed at two to three week intervals under fluoroscopic guidance and sterile conditions. These specialized injections are provided on a self-pay basis since very few insurance companies pay for them. Health insurance companies usually cover the charges for the initial local anesthetic injection.

If you feel you are a candidate for this injection technique or would like further information, please contact Dr. Dubick’s office.